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About The Fundamentals of Leadership

The Fundamentals of Leadership

Want to increase your leadership skills and set yourself apart from the rest? Then You need to take The Fundamentals of Leadership online course!

4Ward Operations has the tools to help you move the needle forward in your personal and professional life.

Make a decision today to invest in yourself by taking the popular 4Ward Operations, 8-hour, self-paced, Fundamentals of Leadership course.

It is filled with practical stories, props, videos and has 20 contributors from Hollywood to the hills of West Virginia. These contributors come from various backgrounds and experience levels to help you go to the next level.

The lead instructor, Ron Ward, brings his vast knowledge to the course. He shares his experiences from leading volunteer groups, instructing at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and serving as a federal law enforcement academy director and Chair of Federal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation Board of Directors.

This course takes an in-depth look at the 100 Dirty Lessons outlined in Ron’s best-selling book, The Dirty Side of Leadership.

Fundamentals of Leadership

Course Contributers

The Fundamentals of Leadership

Bob Altizer


The Trailer Connection

Fundamentals of Leadership

Tom Blomquist

Former Hollywood Executive Producer

The Fundamentals of Leadership

Danielle Britt

Author, Speaker, Business Strategist, Real Estate Agent

Dr. Mark Buckwalter

Former US Probation Officer, Assistant Professor, Saint Francis University

Jason Burgbacher

Executive Pastor

Faith Church

Dwight Decker


Black Force MMA and Fitness Academy

Fundamentals of Leadership

Doug Dickerson

Author, Columnist, John Maxwell Team Member

Rich Elias


Elias Consulting

The Fundamentals of Leadership

Steve Gallagher

Executive Director of Student Affairs

University of NC, School of the Arts

Kaitlyn Gill


Curated Community Consulting

James Gregorius

Former Associate Director, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Former DEA Academy

Robert “Al” Hamlett

Former FBI Special Agent

Rebecca Howell

Chief US Probation Officer

Fundamentals of Leadership

Dr. Tamera Magnum-Thomas

Author, Award Winning Entrepreneur, Business Coach

Ray Nash

President and Founder

Police Dynamics Institute, Former Sheriff

Michelle Paridis

Mariposa Life & Leadership Coaching

Mark Ryan

IT Specialist, Course Producer

Fundamentals of Leadership

Bruce Sizemore

Chief Budget, Contracts and Operations Lead, USAID, USMC Lieutenant Colonel Retired

Paul Stoney

President and CEO


Dr. Kimberly Triplett

DO, Medical Director

The Fundamentals of Leadership

What People Are Saying About The Course

I finished the training. I must say…I have done a lot of trainings over the years but none have compared to this one. I think it helps that I knew Ron from the academy but the way he relates the fundamentals of leadership to our agency/job is outstanding. I have learned a lot and plan to use what I have learned to help me in the future. If anyone is teetering on whether they should invest the time in this course or reading the book, please send them my way. I think I can convince them to do it 😉

Mona Shah

Supervisory United States Probation Officer, Clearwater FL

This course is fantastic! I will be buying it for my management team. Hands down, the best leadership course on the market.  Look no further!

Bruce B.

Business Owner, Jackson MS

From the beginning of the intro, the energy had me hooked! I asked myself “am I committed to being a lifelong learner and do I have passion.  This course made me want to learn.  If you’re a new leader or have led for years, this course will reinvent the way you lead.

Denise C

Aspiring supervisor, Tazewell, VA

Ron shares his decades of leadership in high-level roles, including law enforcement and U.S. Government Agencies. His intuitive multi-dimensional leadership course includes real-life scenarios that will help you gain a competitive edge in the workplace, be a better friend, colleague and family member. If you’re looking to expand on your leadership ability while also learning more about yourself, Ron’s class can help you get there.

Mac L. Professional

Pilot Summerville, SC

This course is a must for people who want to enhance their leadership skills! From the stories, the graphics and the quiz, this course will keep you interested and engaged. Highly recommend!

Brandan J.

Facilities and Café Manager at Angelus Temple, Los Angeles, CA

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