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4 Ward Operations is made up a group of extremely talented and diverse individuals who share a passion to help others reach their potential and to impact lives in a positive way. From our presentations to our projects, to our media services, we strive to operate with excellence and to deliver services based on proven principles and strategies.
Team 4Ward

We have team members throughout the country who want to help your agency, your business, and your entire team reach higher sales, production, and improve teamwork. Don’t settle for average! Let us help you and your team go to the next level in business, leadership, communication, wellbeing, and marketing.

Team 4Ward


About Ron Ward

Ron Ward

Founder & CEO

Ron is the founder of 4Ward Operations – Author of the Amazon best selling book, The Dirty Side of Leadership, Leadership Coach and Trainer. He is a former Federal Law Enforcement Academy Director and former chair of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation board of directors.

After conducting training programs and coaching all over the United States, Ron saw the need for dynamic and interactive programs to assist companies, churches and agencies, with communication, well-being, and leadership development. For this reason, he has joined forces with numerous other professionals to make 4Ward Operations the place to go for all your training needs. 

Kristin Sokoloff

Lead Presenter/ Podcast Co-Host

Kristin is a former Bank Leader, with 20 years’ experience in leading teams to deliver excellence within Retail Banking and Operations Management. 

Campaign Manager for a local political candidate in the 2022 midterm elections and moderator of the Oregon Gubernatorial midterm election debate.

Host of a national talk show discussing current events, policy, health and leadership with highly accredited guests. She is also the co-host of The Dirty Side of Leadership Podcast, which is in the top 5% of all global leadership podcasts. 

Dr. Merissa Ferrara

Merissa Ferrara Elisei, PHD

Lead presenter

Dr. Merissa Ferrara Elisei is a high-energy, world-class facilitator. Merissa has over 20 years of training and development experience as a professor of Interpersonal and Relational Communication at The College of Charleston. Merissa knows a thing or two about how to keep the modern workforce engaged: she has won several teaching awards at The College for mentoring GenZ as they onboard at college and adjust to life after university. Merissa brings a rich perspective in soft skills, empathetic leadership, persuasion, boundary navigation, and presentation skills training. She has worked on local, national, and international health communication campaigns, and helped with branding and social media strategies for small businesses. Merissa has developed several of 4Ward Operation’s most popular workshops.

Dwight Decker

Lead Presenter

Dwight Decker is a nationally recognized martial artist who holds multiple awards in the martial arts hall of fame. On top of having a master’s degree in forensic psychology from Tiffin University he has also received recognition through one of the best polygraph programs in the country.

He has served as a police officer, undercover narcotics operative, SWAT officer before joining the United States Navy. he classed up in 2006 and graduated Honor graduate. He went on to train in San Antonio in security forces. He graduated class leader and was selected to do antiterrorism force protection providing security and support for nukes. 

He continues following his passion helping veterans and their families through his nonprofit organization, Grappling PTSD, raising awareness about PTSD and other mental health issues veterans are facing.

Ross Swope

Lead Presenter

Ross Swope rose through the ranks of the Metropolitan Police Department, starting as a uniform patrolman and progressing up through the ranks in both uniform and investigative positions, retiring as a Deputy Chief with a command of over 400. Along the way he earned three Master’s Degrees, fromJohns Hopkins, The American University and Cambridge in the U. K. Ross Swope was also selected as one of only two police officers in the U. S. in 1999, to be awarded as a Fulbright Scholar, where he spent almost a year in the U. K. working with Scotland Yard. (Click to Continue)

Gary Tucker

marketing director

Gary Tucker is an experienced entrepreneur and digital media professional based in Charleston, SC. He is the owner of Palmetto Media Company, a web development and digital marketing agency.  With a passion for technology and a keen eye for detail, Gary has spent over a decade honing his skills in web development, content creation, UGI content, and social media services.

He has built a reputation as a reliable and innovative digital marketing professional works closely with clients to create custom web development solutions that meet their unique needs. He also specializes in content creation, including UGI content, which is a highly effective way to engage audiences and drive conversions.

Staff Support

Lisa Muggeo

Special Projects

Lisa is a former educator with over a decade of experience in presenting and facilitating a growth mindset in young adults. Effective communcation, strong leadership, problem-solving and analytical skills have supported coordinating student and faculty groups that have been recognized at both the district and state levels for their excellence. With a bachelors in project management, masters in education and a specialist degree in leadership and administration; Lisa is continuing to work supporting the growth of future leaders with her work in the edtech industry.

At 4Ward Operations, Lisa assists authors in navigating features and functions and serves as a software network advisor.

Haley Ridley

Finance / Bookkeeper

Haley Ridley has an MBA and has served in various roles related to finance. 

At 4Ward Operations, Haley serves in finance and bookkeeping. Haley assists our team and clients with the coordination of  cost proposals, travel logistics, and invoices to ensure that hosting our team or one our dynamic presenters is seamless.

Haley can answer all of your questions about the many functions of 4Ward Operations. 

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Ron Ward - 4Ward Operations

Ron Ward

Founder & CEO

Ron is the founder of 4Ward Operations - Author of the Amazon best selling book, The Dirty Side of Leadership, Leadership Coach and Trainer. He is a former Federal Law Enforcement Academy Director and former chair of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation board of directors.