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-Ron Ward

Who Are We?

4Ward Operations is  the ultimate solution for leadership and wellness training and coaching. We provide dynamic and interactive presentations, media support, virtual learning, one-on-one coaching, executive coaching certifications, and conferences.

4Ward Operations is not just about delivering impactful presentations; it’s about providing participants with practical lessons that can be applied immediately. Our desire is to spark conversations, inspire action, improve morale and leave a lasting impression on all participants.

Join the revolution of impactful and interactive presentations with 4Ward Operations today. Your team will thank you!

Training Programs

If you’re tired of sitting through boring, monotonous presentations, look no further! 4Ward Operations is here to deliver and engage with your staff and executives. Whether you need a presentation on leadership, communication, decision-making, wellness 360, cultural harmony,  active shooter analysis, or an MC for your next event, we have got you covered.

If you are hosting a conference, or need a presentation in a classroom, or during a business meeting, we have talks that showcases hands-on exercises that are not only engaging, the information is relevant, realistic and ready to implement immediately. Our training and presentations offer a range of interactive features, including animations, videos, quizzes, and more, ensuring your audience stays engaged from start to finish.

Executive Coaching

At 4Ward Operations, we understand that leadership is not a one-size-fits-all journey. That’s why we’ve assembled a dream team of experienced executive coaches ready to empower you to achieve greatness.

Our executive coaches bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise in various industries, ensuring that we match you with the perfect coach who understands your unique challenges and goals. From effective communication and strategic decision-making, to health and wellness, our coaches will help you become the best version of yourself.

We also have an informative online course titled, “Interview Skills to Land Your Dream Job,”  with the option of follow up coaching and a mock interview before a panel of professionals. 

Trust, confidentiality, and mutual respect are at the core of our coaching relationships. Our coaches create a safe space for open and honest conversations, where you can explore challenges, reflect on your leadership style, and strategize for future success.

Let us match you with a coach today!

Coaching Certification

If you’re wanting an inspirational and rewarding “side hustle,”  we offer an executive certification program. This is a great opportunity to become an entrepreneur and help others reach their goals in life and business. This certification is a combination of written materials, an on-line course and live coaching and feedback from Ron or a team member. This certification is non-accredited.

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Leadership & Wellbeing Training

4Ward Operations offers several interactive, cutting edge, leadership programs. These training sessions are designed to equip leaders and managers using realistic, and sometimes scenario based situations to enhance all areas of leadership. All presentations are not only engaging, your team will have loads of fun. 

The extended session, the Masterclass in Leadership culminates with realistic and relevant scenario based activities with coordinated feedback.

Our original wellness program focuses on eight dimensions of wellness and provides interactive tools and strategies to minimize stress and stay well, even in difficult circumstances.

Our newest wellness program is titled, Re-thinking Wellness. It is the latest in our group of wellness programs. This session takes a new perspective of the latest tools and strategies to promote individual and team well-being. 

4ward Operations

Ingredients for success

Let Ron and his associates bring your team a dynamic presentation titled, Ingredients for Success. This is a motivational presentation that challenges your team to pursue growth in all areas of life and leadership. This training program aids in decision making, minimizing negative perceptions and explores ways to improve company/agency morale.

Participants leave this presentation with a desire to have a positive impact on their company/agency, their colleagues, and their friends and family.

If your employees have grown stale, this presentation is the answer!

“Ron made this presentation so interesting and fun. I learned so much! “Diane, Hospital Administrator, Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

“Ron made this presentation so interesting and fun. I learned so much! “Diane, Hospital Administrator, Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Communication Master Class

Master class in communication

The Master Class in Communication is an intense, interactive, evidence based training program on the art of communication. This is one our most popular and requested leadership presentations. Ron Ward and Dr. Merissa Ferrara Elisei have joined forces to create this impactful presentation. It provides years of research on the most effective methodologies to improve all levels of communication. This multi-faceted training program equips leaders and managers to enhance their ability to interact with internal and external stakeholders. This training takes a deep-dive  into body language, face management, voice inflection, conversation threading, hand gestures, signals, personality types, listening skills, word choice, and effective ways of providing corrective feedback.

Cultural Harmony
and Celebration

This training takes a unique approach to this sometimes controversial topic with a fresh approach to help participants develop a better understanding of a multicultural workplace and provides strategies to help participants recognize implicit biases, work in harmony, and learn to celebrate differences. As with all of 4Ward Operations programs, this training is interactive and encourages audience participation in several exercises.


This training is an evidenced based approach to help businesses, churches, synagogues and organizations better understand pre-assault indicators to augment training programs on Run, Hide, Fight. The presentation reveals that over 70 percent of active shooters engage in conduct and behaviors that, if realized, might have prevented many of the traumatic events. Ron and his team are determined to get this training program to the masses to help lessen the upward trend of mass shootings in the United States.


We provide life and career coaching to individuals who want to maximize their output, become more organized, more decisive, and have a safe space to discuss their challenges.

Amazon Best Selling Book

What People Are Saying

In his book, Ron shares powerful, firsthand accounts to help us navigate the dirty side of leadership. He provides practical guidance on how to act when things don’t go as planned and tough situations arise. It is both action-oriented and engaging. Simply put, I wish I had this book when I started out as an entrepreneur.

Now, more than ever, the world needs effective leaders.  Whether at home with our children or with colleagues in the workplace, we all lead in various ways.

Ron’s lessons are just as applicable in those environments as they are in government service.

Get ready - you’re in for a real treat. 

Justin L. Fulcher

Founder and former CEO of RingMD

As a 20 year “survivor” of leadership positions in both the private and government sectors, I wish this book was available when I first began my leadership journey, it certainly would have saved me some time, energy and heartache. As any good leader knows, there certainly is a “dirty side” to leadership.

The Dirty Lessons integrated throughout the book are priceless and on point as they relate to leadership. Ron has hit a home run with The Dirty Side of Leadership.

Greg Forest

Retired Chief U.S. Probation and Pretrial Services Officer

In my life of trying to improve in my leadership of others, I have often picked up the latest book on leadership. It was my hope to find a nice simple plan that I could implement. Something that would keep the messiness away, eliminate the mistakes, smooth over the bumps.  What I often find are books filled with philosophy and strategy but very little practicality and authenticity. Ron’s book is real. It is written from a real leader’s perspective.

He doesn’t pretend to wow you with all the great things he has done but he’s more interested in being honest. I love his authenticity of sharing real stories of ups and downs. You won’t find this in a typical leadership book. All successful leaders have to navigate the dirty side from time to time. I encourage you to allow Ron to help you navigate yours!

Tim Riddle

CEO, Discover Blind Spots LLC

Ron Ward is a relational and authentic leader, no matter the setting or audience. I’ve worked with Ron on various team-development initiatives over the past 25 years. and I’ve witnessed his leadership and management which has been driven with an individual focus and all-inclusive impact!

As a 20-year-veteran of student development in higher education, and long-time advisor and emotional intelligence coach for Millennial and Generation Z leaders, the Dirty Side of Leadership is a must-read for emerging leaders working to affect healthy and lasting change!

Steve Gallagher

Founder, IDEATE Coaching & Consulting, Executive Director of Student Affairs, 
University of North Carolina School of the Arts

Ron is a leader in government that everyone can learn from. His personal stories and experiences can benefit anyone. The Dirty Side of Leadership is a must read for those who lead and supervise others.

James Gregorius

Associate Director for Operations, 
Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers, Retired

Chief Ward takes you on a leadership journey from start to finish. There are so many lessons and take aways, not only for the current or new manager, but for those individuals looking to lead.  One walks away from this book with the knowledge that leadership and learning lessons are on every road traveled.

Craig Penet

President of the Federal Probation
and Pretrial Officers Association

In the Dirty Side of Leadership, Ron provides intimate details into his life and the early years of his career, while depicting the growth into a leadership role. Using his intelligence and dedication to his career in Federal law enforcement and management, along with his ability to convey the dirty lessons within the scope of the story, allows the reader to experience the process that is necessary to be a successful manager. Fantastic experience and delivery of knowledge to become an effective manager that was also very entertaining.

Kimberly Triplett

DO, Medical Director

I have known Ron Ward both personally and professionally for the past 12 years and cannot think of anyone who, as Academy Director, has done more to advance the cause of wellness throughout the U.S. Probation and Pretrial Services system. As a person and leader who has been tried and tested in both his personal and professional life, Ron’s ability to persevere through the many challenges undoubtedly comes from the holistic approach he takes to leadership. In the Dirty Side of Leadership, Ron conveys his unwavering passion and commitment to serve others and provides the anecdote for leaders to thrive, not just survive, every facet of their lives. Ron’s presentation style and powerful message is effective and appeals to all audiences.

Rich Elias

Founder, Rich Elias Consulting – LLC

Most leadership books are a waste of time, portraying strategies with irrepressible optimism that all bad employees can be turned good, all problems are opportunities for better times, and being a boss can be all fun and games. The truth is being a boss is not always a day at a sunny beach, sometimes it is gut wrenchingly hard. The Dirty Side of Leadership is the book that finally details ways leaders can prepare for, as well as respond to, the most difficult times all decision makers will eventually face. A fun treat to read, this book is a highly rewarding experience for both new and experienced leaders.

Doug Burris

Retired Chief U.S. Probation Officer 
and subject of the 2016 movie Out of the Box


Where leadership meets entertainment! This weekly podcast takes both a humorous and intense look at leadership through impactful stories, answers to listener questions, and breakdowns of dirty lessons from Ron’s best selling book, “The Dirty Side of Leadership”.

The Fundamentals of Leadership

Increase Your Leadership Skills and Set Yourself Apart From the Rest.

This 8-hour, self-paced course is filled with practical stories, props, videos and has 20 contributors from Hollywood to the hills of West Virginia. These contributors come from various backgrounds and experience levels to help you go to the next level.

Interview Skills to Land Your Dream Job

Be Prepared For Your Next Interview

This 30-minute course is packed with valuable content to prepare you for your next interview and put you on the path to land your dream job!

  • A comprehensive participant guide
  • Pitfalls to avoid during the interview process
  • How to answer traditional interview questions
  • How to answer “out of the box questions” that more companies are starting to ask
  • Best practices for virtual interviews
  • Addressing Covid-related queations
  • Interview methods that work in every industry
  • How to use transition words to keep you on point when answering questions
  • How to deliver an assumptive close
  • 5 Characteristics that CEO’s and Executives are looking for in a candidate
  • Observe a live coaching event in session
  • Special Bonus: How to approach salary negotiations

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